Listed in the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), an EU agency “resource pool” 
as “one of 12, “Woman Inspiring Europe” 2012″. With the “Women Inspiring Europe” Calendar, EIGE an EU agency, aims to give visibility and pay homage to some of Europe’s most remarkable women, through highlighting their achievements and success stories”, The European Institute for Gender Equality.”


Still, a major proportion of corporate boards and organizations suffer from a lack of female talents in corporate boards and in management. Governments and corporate boards have been talking about the gender gap, for quite some years, but it seems some still see the talent gap as an “equality” issue, instead of what it really is: A SHEconomy imperative.

Women in corporate boards and decision-making leader positions, is not a matter of being right, it’s a matter of being smart. It´s a SHEconomy business imperative and a possibility to “detox” outdated boards and organizations – and boost economic growth.

SHEconomy Bokomslaget SHEconomy
My main passion is to talk about the (economic) benefits that women bring into business. “Future leaders and members of the board is not about GENDER – but about compétences and talents”. Benja Stig Fagerland, NHO Female Future, rapport 2003.

Through women´s economic empowerment, my main thesis, together with other like minded sheconomy pioneeres  –  has been, that: More women as leaders means a strengthened bottom line!”, The (NHO) Female Future rapport 2003– which is a mindset that should be considered adopted by all competition oriented boards, companies and organizations.

Fix the system – not the women!
SHEconomy is all about the business potential of female leadership, and to take women seriously as consumers and as a political force. It’s about women voices and their ability to make decisions. it´s about how to best utilize these factors to increase profitability.

Our SHEconomy book points out and shows that there is evidence to claim that women as a group could mean big business for those who really understand the dynamics of the female. Those who are able to grasp it, can move market share, win votes , create value and strengthen the bottom line. Womens growing economic and political power is going to innovate the way we think business, products and policies.

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I absolutely love my work and I´m honoured to have received distinctions including:

  • Listed by the European Institute for Gender Equalisation (EIGE) as one of 12 “Women Inspiring Europe” 2012. See interview.
  • “Highly Commended” in the European Diversity Award 2012 in the category “Campaigner of the Year”. See the list of winners.
  • Shortlisted for “Society Builder” of the Year, KK, January 2005.
  • Shortlisted: “Women’s Prize”, Alt for damerne, July 2006.
  • Voted “one of top 25 Young business talents in Norway” 2001, Økonomisk Rapport, May 2002.

speakelectureconsult and write, drawing on the experience gained through my years
working with strategic diversity, women on boards and SHEconomy issues.