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– Presentations, business speeches, workshops, consulting and projects –

★ “Benja’s deep insights on developing female talent provides greater clarity on the issue that I have seen from any commentator or academic”, Graham Grant, Head og collection & fraud, NAB Group


1.0  WHAT I DO

1.1  Presentations, workshops and lectures
I have extensive experience providing keynote presentations and facilitating workshops about strategic diversity, leadership, women on board, talent management and SHEconomy – within corporate boards, companies, organizations, to smaller groups and to larger audiences, nationally and internationally.

> To book or learn more about my presentations, workshops or for speaker availability and fees, please contact me today.

★  “Benja has a wonderful way of capturing you when presenting. She is engaged, energetic and a sparkling presenter with an great knowledge, both theoretical and practical. She offers new perspectives and challenges the traditional. We will hear much from her in the future and I can recommend everyone to be inspired by her work and personality!”
Helene Jaeger, Communication BI

★  “Benja is by far the most inspiring Lecturer I have ever experienced. She has an elegant way to impart
her knowledge and makes it a pleasure to witness every lecture.”
Hans Wilhelm Storrøsten, Student, Markedshøyskolen

1.2. Consulting –
 on strategies and implementation within the themes:
1. Women on boards and in decision making, leadership and management.
2. Organisational development and implementation of gender equality, SHEconomy and diversity in companies and organisations.

1.3. Projects
I think that organizations which want to put a stronger focus on the hidden asset women or cross gender talents represent, can benefit from tailor made specific programs. In thought and idea it may seem easy to put such a program together, but experience tells a different story. For clients that are in need of mobilizing (all) talents, bridging the talent and gender gap, I can help defining and manage them and/or facilitate projects or project start ups.

  “Benja offers a rare combination of talents. She is charismatic, a powerful and persuasive speaker; also extremely well researched, articulate and challenging. She has enormous energy and passion for whatever she does and never stops thinking about how things could be better and how she can make them so. I would jump at the chance to work with her again and would recommend her to anyone looking for a consultant to “turbo charge” an initiative and add lasting value.”
Sue Sjuve, Senior executive working on OD project to transition risk management to a new model at National Australia Bank

★  “As I met Benja I immediately knew that I had stumbled upon a truly passionate and gifted thinker. Benja know what she wants and is aware that smiles and passion gets you a lot further than anything else. 
Having read about Benja in The Guardian, The Herald Tribune and Der Spiegel I most say that Benja still surprised me when we met. She leaves an impact and a cradle full of thoughts for you to take with you. She is a truly remarkable women with a passion for what she does. An asset to the board room as well as any organization!”
Daniel Karpantschof

I write about, speak about and consult on strategic diversity, gender, talent management and leadership. 

microSome of the speaker events 

  • Compello 10887921_10205151296239136_2056138241_n
  • Forsvarssjefens likestillingskonferanse
  • Olympiatoppen/Kvinneløftet
  • SunnJente Idrett
  • Næringsforeningen, Haugesund
  • Oslo Kommune
  • BI, Trondheim
  • Steria
  • Questback
  • Parat Media
  • BI, Stavanger
  • University of Stavanger (UiS)/Geelmuyden Kiese
  • Jentecamp, Stavanger
  • HR Norge
  • Faeroe Islands: Leadership conference
  • The lack of women directors in Europe, Strasbourg.10646995_10204327405202375_9064559520619483752_n
  • United Federation of Danish Workers together with Britta Thomsen, member of the European Parliament, DK.
  • ASVL
  • SpareBank1
  • Næringslivsdagene, BI Norwegian Business School Bergen, ND.

The management team, LHL
Very good research, – exellent performance.
Facts of man mixed with facts of lived life.
Thank you Benja, we are improving…”  Arne Lie, Vicepresident at LHL Helse